Pricing with Grunt

We offer two simple ways to pay for your email campaigns and you can switch between the two anytime that suits. $49 or $88 easy!

No matter how you pay, there are no contracts, setup fees, or nasty lock-ins, and you can cancel at anytime.

1: Pay Per Campaign



Great if you only send emails occasionally. You'll only pay when you send an email campaign to more than 5 people. Each campaign costs $49 plus 3¢ for each recipient..


2: Pay monthly for unlimited campaigns



Perfect for anyone who sends at least two campaigns a month. We'll bill your card monthly based on the size of your subscriber list. The monthly fee adjusts automatically as your list grows and shrinks. So you'll only ever pay $88 per month!!


3: Custom TemplateDesign Service



Dont use a tacky generic email template! Make your email stand out and proud! - our designers will create a beautiful custom template that matches your company perfectly. Suppy us with your wish list and we'll make it a reality!


More Features!

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool from Google that allows you to see how visitors are interacting with your site.



Mark Charlton, Charlton Realty - Member since 2011

"I am a complete computer novice, but with eNewsEngine even I am able to send out professional looking emails, the phone starts ringing straight after I send!!!".